Meet Mila Jansen


  • Mila Jansen born 1944 in Liverpool, UK. Moved to Blaricum, NL in 1957. Became pregnant in 1963 and forced to leave home. Moved to Amsterdam in 1964 later began Kink 22 with Henk Koster, couture designer. This transformed into the Tea Shop Cleo de Merode, now acknowledged to be the first coffee shop in Amsterdam. Mila moved, with her daughter, to India in 1968 and stayed for 14 years.

  • Mila lived in Goa, Manali and Missoorie where her children went to Woodstock School. She returned to Holland in Eighties and invented the Pollinator machine, which became very successful and has been exported all over the world.

  • Mila has won numerous prizes for entrepreneurship, small business achievement and has been crowned High Times Queen of Marijuana three times. She also owns the Hemp Hotel in Amsterdam, which is one of the smallest hotels in the city.